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Love your trip is an energetic community that provides immersive experiences, mental guidance, and high quality products inspired by the psychedelic experience for the intentional traveler.

Unlock your mind.

The psychedelic journey is unique to everyone, and it can be a lot to experience. It’s a deep rabbit hole, but we’re here to guide you through it!

The shroom boom.

With psilocybin being decriminalized in Canada and many parts of the United States, it is becoming more & more accessible. We are seeing similar trends to the cannabis market from a few years ago!

Premium & Trusted Edibles

Long gone are the days we are forced to eat mushrooms raw! New products like gummies, chocolates, and even teas are becoming more common.

Find shrooms

We've curated a list of places you can get shrooms for a "donation!" Explore top-rated brands and shops near you! Don't see your shop? Contact us to get on the list!

Stay cozy.

When our senses are heightened and our minds are expanding, we need to feel safe and cozy! Add to your daily rotation with the perfect magical merch from Love Your Trip.

Psychedelics in the news.

“Promising potential in treating patients with mental health conditions.”

“Microdosing is a potentially effective treatment for major depression, end-of-life anxiety and drug addiction.”

“Welcome to the mushroom renaissance.”

Let us guide you.

if you have any questions, reach out to us and a trip guide will be with you shortly.